Allods Online PH: Sunny Steed Bug Solution

Allods Online Version 3.02

The Tropical Atoll, a recreation area, has many fun quests and events. Gifts that are given out in its races and contests randomly give bugs, fruits, crab feed and the elusive Sunny Steed.

Sunny Steed ( Sea Breeze Pattern)

The Sunny Steed is a mount, not just a pattern unlike the Black Raven reward in the Kirah Desert Race. Unfortunately, this mount seems to be bugged.

Bugged Sunny Steed

The Error:

It displays the error “Incorrect Race Elves” even if you have no target and even if you have an extra stable slot.

My Solution:

Through deduction and logic, I tried a simple solution. I dismissed my Kanian Runner. The problem, apparently, is that the pattern cannot be applied to the Kanian Runner. Therefore, I simply dismissed my Runner and used the Sunny Steed. I did not lose any of my existing horse patterns (Kanian Runner, Black Raven, Sands of Kirah, June Symbol). My Level 11 Kanian Runner was dismissed but its pattern remained.

Limitations of this Solution:

  • I don’t know if it will work for all races that encounter this bug.
  • If the Sunny Steed conflicts with the Ivory Steed (the Rank 2 Melting Isle horse mount), it’d be a waste if you dismiss the Rank 2 Ivory in favor of the Rank 1 Sunny.

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