Allods Online PH: Daily “The Cradle” Quests

Allods Online PH Version 3.02

Map: The Cradle

There are ten daily “Incarnate” quests in The Cradle. The mobs that the player has to kill are in their designated areas all over the map. For example, the Thought Incarnate is in the Heart of Thought.

  • Thought Incarnate – It has psi abilities.
  • Life Incarnate – There are three Life Incarnates. When they are close to each other, they have a regen buff. If a Life Incarnate dies, the remaining Incarnate will receive a Rage buff.
  • Madness Incarnate – It has an area of effect which puts the 10-second Inevitable Death debuff on the player. Stay out of the Death AOE. This Incarnate is a demon.
  • Darkness Incarnate – It can turn invisible. Use Luminiscent Dust, provided for the quest by the Keeper who gave the quest, to reveal this demon.
  • Chaos Incarnate – It will put up an Invinsibility shield. Deactivate the poles that are lit up around this demon to remove its shield.
  • Spirit Incarnate – It is invulnerable at first. Bring some sparks close to the Incarnate, kill them and a “Vulnerability” debuff will appear on this elemental so that it can be killed.
  • Cunning Incarnate – At the beginning, the Cunning Incarnate will be fighting Devious Incarnate. Don’t try to fight them at this point. Support Cunning first by killing his Toady Demons (Companion of Cunning). The toads will drop Toady’s Spark; use it to heal Cunning and let him kill Devious Incarnate first. After Devious Incarnate is defeated, the player can kill the demon Cunning Incarnate.
  • Rage Incarnate – It has Combustion (fire damage) debuff.
  • Death Incarnate – It has Acid debuff.
  • Power Incarnate – It is a demon that summons Loyalty Incarnates.

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