Senator Sotto claims he is being “cyber bullied” – point a finger at anyone but yourself, eh?

Link to article: ‘I’m a victim of cyber-bullying,’ cries Sotto as he calls for scrapping of plagiarized part of speech from records

My previous blog post about this matter: Senator Tito Sotto and his monkey of an Attorney

My comment on his latest speech:

I don’t even know… oh dear… I’m just so angry right now. So very angry. I have no words, Sotto. No decent words for you.

The goddamn point isn’t that you are for or against the RH Bill. The goddamn point isn’t that what you did was a crime in the Philippines or some other country. The goddamn point is that you are so full of yourself that you could not admit your own mistake, that you’d rather point fingers at anyone but yourself, that you think everyone who is criticizing you is a lowly person who just wants to bring you down. What an insult to the Filipino people.

” If you’re speaking against me, you are an evil, idiotic person. I don’t even care to think that you were the same people who put me in the Senate ” is basically what you are saying. Oh I’ll accept that I’m an idiot. I voted for you a few times after all.

But wait, there’s more:

Another article containing what he said regarding his critics:,-backs-blogging-bill

“Ang buhay ko open book …. Ang tanong, alam ba natin sino [ang mga kritiko ko]? Matino ba sila? Mabait ba sila? Lasenggo ba sila? Nananakit ba sila ng asawa? ‘Di natin alam sino sila pero ang gagaling manira,” Sotto said. 

[Translation] ” My life is an open book. The question is, do we know who they are (the critics)? Are they nice? Are they good? Are they drunkards? Do they hurt their spouses? We don’t know but they’re so good at criticizing (negative tone),” Sotto said.

My reaction: I suppose, regarding this matter, I am one of your critics. And I must say, I am incredibly aghast at that level of arrogance.You don’t know who I am, so I don’t have the right to comment on the wrong things that I see with regards to what you do? You, a Senator whom I voted for; you, a Senator who is supposed to be protecting the Filipino people but failed to recognize that there are also Filipino bloggers who do get plagiarized, just like the way that you plagiarized Sarah Pope’s blog? I may not be an angel, but no I am not a drunkard, and I am not even married. I hope that one day, you will look back on this incident and realize your mistake, and finally apologize not only to Sarah Pope but to us, the thinking Filipino people.


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