Granado Espada : Ustiur Farm Version 10.6

The Ustiur map can be reached by buying a Freepass [Ustiur] from the Ticket Lady at Port of Coimbra. Once you are at Ustiur, just talk to the Farm NPC to access your farm. Only one character can enter the farm; if you have 3 characters, only the leader will enter the farm and the other two characters will be sent to the Barracks.

Farm Bonus:

  • You will receive a random farm item once every day when you enter your farm.
  • If you have an active Home Premium Service – Expert, you will get an additional bonus: 10 Farm Tokens.

Farm Window – Ctrl + Shift + F

Farm Skills

Plant (Planting)

One seed can be planted in each “Empty Land” slot. The Empty Land slots can be increased by buying land from the Farm Shop in your Ustiur Farm. The price of each Empty Land is one million Vis but it does have requirements: Family Level and Planting Level. The NPC will inform you if you lack requirements.

There are six seeds that can be purchased from the regular Farm Shop. Each one costs 10,000 Vis:

  • Cabbage Seed – Yields “Cabbage” and “Great Cabbage”
  • Cabosse Seed – Yields “Cabosse” and “Great Cabbosse”
  • Berobero Seed – Yields “Beet”
  • Apple Seed – Yields “Golden Apple” and “Great Golden Apple”
  • Golden Egg Sorghum Seed – Yields “Golden Egg Fruit”
  • Flour Seed – Yields “Wheat Flour” and “Great Wheat Flour”

To plant a seed, click and drag it onto an Empty Land. A progress bar will then appear above the plant: if it is green, then it should not be harvested. If it is red (after a few hours), then the plant can be harvested.

Fish Trap

You need to purchase a Fishing Hole to set up fish traps. Like Empty Lands, this is limited by your Family Level and Fish Trap Level. The NPC will inform you if you lack requirements. The maximum is three Fishing Holes. Click and drag a fish trap into the fishing hole to set it up. It can be bought from the Farm Shop:

  • Wood Fish Trap – 30 to 60 minutes; 10,000 Vis
  • Strong Wood Fish Trap – 5 to 7 hours; 20,000 Vis
  • Rusty Copper Fish Trap – 10 to 12 hours; 50,000 Vis


You need Fishing Bait (500 Vis) from the Farm Shop. Each fishing bait allows you to use the fishing line and get an item.


For me this is the most difficult skill to level up. You can only gain experience by gathering from Weeds and Flowers, and if they drop items.


Wild animals will randomly appear in your farm. Kill them to gain items (about 50% drop percentage) and to gain experience. Starting farmers can receive experience by killing rabbits, but once the Hunting level goes up, rabbits will no longer provide experience.


Store items into the Storage Places (two to three unique items) and use the Blender Machine to mix them. The combination does not require a recipe, unlike Dish (Cooking). The list of items that can be combined is listed in the Farm Window. In older versions of GE (before 10.6), the Storage Places are bugged. You cannot remove an item once you put it in them in a Storage Place.


Revive Honeybees by getting a Honeybee Soul Stone and reviving it in your Beekeeping box. The revived bees are actually equivalent to the Honeybee’s level; maximum level is 50. If you revive more Soul Stones at once, there will be bonuses. For example, if you revive one Soul Stone, your bee’s level will increase by one only. If you revive five Soul Stones, there is a chance that your bee’s level will increase by seven.

You need to activate the Beekeeping box to make the Honeybee gather nectar for honey. Once you gather the accumulated honey from the Honey Bottle, the Honeybee will stop collecting so gather the honey only if you are going to leave the farm.

Dish (Cooking)

This functions as your very own Panfilo inside your farm. Put a recipe with required ingredients into the Cooking Pot near the Farm Shop NPC.


Setup a Cannon Turret by talking to the farm shop NPC. If the turret is broken, you can fix it by buying and using a Turret fix kit worth 100,000 Vis. The turret’s starting level is 80 and it will level up depending on the amount of wild animals that it kills. To prevent the turret from getting attacked, use Scarecrows (50,000 Vis at Farm Shop) by setting them up around the turret. The wild animals will attack the Scarecrows while the turret kills them.


Revive a Tary (dog) in your farm by getting a Tary Soul Stone and reviving it in your farm’s incubator. Tary does not use up a pet slot. He will protect the farm and level up if you are there, starting at level 60.

Farm Pets

You can buy Animal Trap worth 2,500 Vis from the Farm Shop and use it to trap wild animals in regular maps. It will turn to a Soul Stone. Use the incubator in your farm to revive the Soul Stone into an animal that you can raise in your farm. At first you can only have one pet slot; you can increase this slot once you reach Family Level 30 (maximum slot for two pets):

  • Capybara (Capybara Soul Stone) – Gathers Food of Capybara and Shiny Crystals
  • Cockatrice (Coka Soul Stone) – Gathers Cockatrice Egg and Giant Cockatrice Egg

Farm pets require a Pet Food Plate and a Storage Box:

  • Pet Food Plate – Maximum level 5. Allows you to store 100 petfood per level to keep your pets alive and well.
  • Storage Box – Maximum level 8. Pets store their gathered items here. They will gather items even if you are not in the farm.

Token Merchant Shop

Items in this shop require Farm Tokens, not Vis:

  • Tasty Fish Food – Use this instead of Fishing Bait for a higher chance of getting useful items such as Boots and Shoes when you are fishing.
  • Waterproof Glove – Higher chance of getting more items from a Fishing Trap (Personal tip: Waste of token, the increase of dropped items isn’t much)
  • Golden Glove – Higher chance of getting more items from a plant that you will harvest (Personal tip: Waste of token, the increase of dropped items isn’t much)
  • Soul Resurrective Potion – Revives a dead pet with no penalty. Very useful.
  • Fertilizer – Adds 5% to 10% in your plants’ progress bars
  • Tasty Meat – Calls a random wild animal
  • Strong Fishing Rod – Hastens the fishing line’s cooldown time for that farm instance (i.e. the cooldown time will be slow again when you re-enter the farm)
  • Giant Seeds – Have a higher chance to drop “Great” versions of plants (Personal tip: Regular plant items are more in-demand, or dependent on events and quest requirements)
  • Copper Fish Trap – 10 to 20 minutes
  • Iron Fish Trap – 6 to 8 hours
  • Farmer Box – Drops one random farm item

Dish Recipe Shop


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