Granado Espada : Pioneering Merchant Shops

Update as of January 26, 2013: I changed the Magia Shop list because the GE-SEA version was updated to the Orpesia patch (Kielce map).

Update as of January 08, 2013: I got A-rank. The next test is for S-rank, but the S-rank application item is not in the shop yet. A-rank allows my family to accumulate 50 Points per day.

Update as of December 31, 2012: Added a list of items that are available in the B-rank Magia Shop, along with their costs. I am currently saving up for the A-rank application test.

Update as of August 18, 2012 : The version 10.6 update seem to have changed the Pioneering Merchant shops mechanism. In previous GE versions, all items are available to any rank. In 10.6, some items are available only to specific rank. For example, a Rank F family can only see the Rank D application test item. Once they reach Rank D, they will be able to see the Rank C application test item. So on and so forth.

Update as of August 18, 2012 : The old elite weapons are back in the pioneering merchant shops. Rank C test items were added. I will upload screenshots ASAP.

Game: Granado Espada – SEA under IAHgames

Version 10.6 as of July 13, 2012

  • The Pioneering Merchant shops sell useful items that can be purchased using Seal of Pioneer Level 9 and Points.
  • The Pioneering Merchant Information in Detail can be opened by the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + M.
  • The Pioneering Merchant Shops can be found in cities.
  • The Pioneering Merchant Quest NPCs can be found in combat maps.

– Pioneering Merchant Information in Detail Window –


  •  Pioneering Merchant Name
  • Player Rank – Every family starts at F rank. With higher rank, you can gain more Points everyday (10 for F, 20 for D, 30 for C, 40 for B, 50 for A) and at Rank C at least, there is a Points discount for the shop items (example: Expert G card originally costs 20 Points, at Rank C it costs 18 Points).
  • Favor Rate – This is increased by one point per quest that is done for the merchant. Note that if the favor rate goes up by ONE point for one merchant, it will go down by THREE points for the other two merchants. Favor Rate accumulation is unlimited.
  • Points – Points are used with Seals to purchase items at the merchant shops.
  • Today’s Points – The limit of points that can be accumulated. This is limited by the rank ( 10 per day for F-rank, 20 per day for D-rank, 30 per day for C-rank, 40 per day for B-rank, 50 per day for A-rank).
  • Current Server Date
  • List of urgent quests and their rewards
  • Move to the following pioneer location ” – It will be activated if you click one of the urgent quests. Consuming one warp scroll, this will create a warp to the urgent quest area.

– Urgent Quests –

  • There are daily urgent quests that will give you reward items if you complete at least one Pioneering Merchant Quest in a specific area.
  • These quests can be seen via a shortcut box that appears when a player logs in for the first time each day (shown above), or via the Pioneering Merchant window (CTRL+Shift+M).
  • The maps are random.
  • The rewards are Points (pink P), Favor Rate (red Heart), Experience/Training Card and Medal Card (Family Reputation).

– Pioneering Merchant Quests –

  • There are merchant NPCs in every map.
  • The merchant NPCs will offer repeatable quests.
  • The rewards are experience cards.
  • Some merchants additionally give Seals of the Pioneer, which is required in some quests and for buying items from the pioneering merchant shops.

Quest Options

  • Goodbye” – Stops talking to the NPC.
  • Receive or cancel individual quest order” – This will show the list of available quests in that area and allow you to accept or stop them individually.
  • Receive all the quest order” – Take all available quests.
  • Complete or restart of all the quest order” – This will submit all finished quests, give reward to the player, and restart the quests.
  • Complete or end of all the quest order” – This will submit all finished quests and give reward to the player without restarting the quests.
  • Pioneering merchant introduction” – A vague explanation of pioneering merchants.

– Pioneer Merchant Shop Names and Description –

Currency for these shops: Seal of Pioneer Level 9 and Points

– – –

Ventnuar (Vent)

Before Patch 10.6, Vent sold Elite melee weapons.
As of Patch 10.6, Vent sells items similar to Temp.

– – –

Magiagremio (Magia)

Before Patch 10.6, Magia sold Elite magic weapons.
As of Patch 10.6, Magia sells the following items-

Magia Rank F Items

Magia Rank C Items

Magia B-rank

Magia Rank B Items

Magia Rank B Items

Magia Rank A Items

– – –

Tempestardisavia (Temp)

Before Patch 10.6, Temp sold Elite range weapons.
As of Patch 10.6, Temp sells the following items-

– – –

– Pioneer Merchant Shop NPCs –

Another time maybe! Goodbye. ” – Stops speaking to the NPC.
Use Pioneering Shop” – This allows the player to view the shop if his Favor Rate is not negative.
Take Promotion Test” – The starting rank for pioneering is F. Using a D-rank test item from the pioneering merchant shop, the player can take the test to rank-up to D.
Pioneering Merchant Help” – This shows a vague explanation of the shop.

Ventnuar NPC

Magiagremio NPC

Tempestardisavia NPC


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