Magical Writings : Annarasumanara and Magico

I read a lot of manga (Japanese comics) and manwha (Korean comics), but few of them leave a lasting impression on me. Here’s a brief description of two recently-completed comics that I will never forget.

Do you believe in magic?

Annarasumanara : This Korean comic explores magic as seen by adults and children in the real world. The author uses unconventional techniques such as various textures and handwritten text to convey the feelings of the characters. The ending is very mysterious, in accordance to its theme which is magic. As I read this manwha, I did question my current status as an “adult”: Am I happy with what I have achieved? Did I compromise who I am to attain stability in this fast-paced world? Can’t I be both an adult and a child?

Here are the links for Annarasumanara on major online readers:

The Ritual of Magico

Magico: This Japanese comic explores magic in a fictional world where magic is attained by hard work. Rituals, which are usually very painful and strenuous, give the magicians the magic that they desire once completed. Magico is the wedding ritual of magicians and it can only be completed by undertaking many other rituals. It follows the story of a powerful Sage who wants to, via Magico, marry a “country bumpkin”. The concept of pure love is reiterated in its sixty or so chapters, but the romance is balanced well with the explosive fight scenes. The attacks are intricate and even the side characters are quite developed. There are no recycled/repetitive fights or enemies. This series was, unfortunately, axed by its publisher due to low popularity however, I love its story and characters more than the other (more popular) titles that I read such as Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail.

Here are the links for Magico on major online readers:


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