Allods Online PH: May Holidays and Heroic Deeds

To the Imperial Players who have been killing the League’s May Holidays NPCs: GTFO my blog. We’d retaliate if only your NPCs had their Flags of War on. You know this that is why you are trolling us. You know that you can kill our NPCs whose Flags are on, and we can’t kill your NPCs because their Flags are off. And the event NPCs do not respawn, so we are stuck with no access to the May Holiday banner. That is just so wrong and sick.

[Allods Online Philippines – League ]

Warning: Lots of images!

Due to the weekly maintenance, the time of Aidenus’ speech has been screwed up. IDK when he starts it anymore.

The May Holidays calendar event takes place for the whole month of May. During this event:

  • Aidenus will speak in Novograd every four hours, starting at 12:00p.m.
  • Heroic Deeds NPCs are available

This guide will help you understand the significance of this event.

Accumulating Heroic Deeds:

1. Optional Tutorial Quest: Take the quest “Time for Heroic Deeds!” from Zabava Mayskaya, one of the two event NPCs beside the Church in Novograd. This is a daily quest that will equip you for performing Heroic Deeds. Just ask for the Victory Banner from Zabava and then you can submit this quest. Click “Ask for Victorious Banner” and she will give you a consumable Victory Banner item. If you equip it, you will notice a banner on your character’s back and a buff icon titled “Ready for Deed”.

Alternatively, if you already know how to perform Heroic Deeds, all you have to do is click “Ask for Victorious Banner” and equip that item.

2. Optional Tutorial Quest: Take the quest “Time for Rest!” from Zabava Mayskaya for a short introduction to making kebabs, which will help you gather Heroic Deeds at a faster rate. If you don’t understand the quest, check my “How to Make Kebabs” section below. Submit this quest once you are done.

Alternatively, if you already know how to make kebabs, you can just buy the kebab requirements from the NPC without taking this quest.

Victory Banner item in your bag

3. While you have the Victory Banner on, you will be able to use the Great Deed skill (shortcut is Z). It has a range of 30 and will give the target (any enemy mob or NPC) a 5-second buff. If you kill that target while the buff is on it, you will be able to gain one stack of the Heroic Deeds buff.

4. The stacks of Heroic Deeds can be exchanged for gifts. Just click the large Victory Banner beside Zabava Mayskaya to turn the Deeds in. Remember: Once you exchange the Deeds for gifts, you cannot accumulate Deeds again until the next day.

How to Make Kebabs:

1. Go to Silantiy Vinegarov, the NPC beside Zabava Mayskaya.

2. Buy Barbecue, Firewood and Marinated Meat.

  • Barbecue – It is a clickable and consumable item which will only work outside of Novograd. One barbecue grill will last for five (5) minutes and you can cook as many kebabs as you want.
  • Firewood – It is a consumable item which is required to set up the Barbecue. One Firewood is used per Barbecue usage.
  • Marinated Meat – It is a consumable item that becomes Kebab. Therefore, if you want 10 kebabs, you need to use only one Barbecue and one Firewood, but 10 Marinated Meat.

3. To cook make a kebab, press Z beside the barbecue grill. You will get a buff “Roasting” which will last for 8 seconds. Press Z repeatedly before the timer runs out. Once the Roasting buff reaches 8 stacks, press Z once more and one Marinated Meat will turn to a Kebab. There are three kinds of kebabs:

Raw Kebab – 5 minute buff, three (3) Heroic Deeds per mob kill

Well-done Kebab – 10 minute buff, six (6) Heroic Deeds per mob kill

Overdone Kebab – 6 minute buff, four (4) Heroic Deeds per mob kill

Bits of Info:

The NPC’s Victory Banner will give a 2-hour Ready for Deed buff.

Great Deed skill is spammable. You can use it again on the same mob before its 5-second timer runs out.

You can make kebabs even if you do not have the Victory Banner.

You cannot put up a Barbecue Grill close to another one. The Kebab Smell buff prevents spamming Barbecue Grills in one area.

The maximum amount of Heroic Deeds stack is 1200. If you submit this, you will get a lot of gifts and a Guest of Honor buff. The quantity of gifts is: Tiny Gift x2, Small Gift x6, Medium Gift x4 and Large Gift x3.

The Guest of Honor buff allows you to gain one Large Gift if you are logged in at Novograd while Aidenus gives his speech. The May Holidays event Aidenus is an NPC that is different from the Aidenus in the Tower. The May Holidays Aidenus is level 45 and appears at the foot of the Tower, opposite the Predictions NPC. A Novograd announcement will state if Aidenus is about to give his speech, five minutes before he actually starts. The Large Gift may appear in your bag after his speech. He does not give his speech exactly on the hour. He may give his speech around 12:05pm or 12:10pm, etc. and repeat it four hours later.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can log out even if you have already equipped the Victory Banner. The Ready for Deed timer will not tick away while you are logged out.
  • The mob level does not matter. Any mob that you kill, as long as it has the Heroic Deeds buff, will add up to the Heroic Deeds stack.
  • It is possible to complete 1200 stacks within 30 minutes. I recommend creating a lot of Well-done Kebab beforehand and using them while you are hunting (solo).
  • It is also possible to complete 1200 stacks within 10  minutes or even less. If you are in a party, are close to each other and have Victory Banners on, any stack that one member acquires will be acquired by other party members. For example: Player A put the buff on a mob, killed it and Players B and C were nearby, all of them will get stacks of Heroic Deeds. If Players A, B and C put buffs on a mob and killed it, they will get x3 stacks because the mob had three buffs. In addition to this, if you have a Well-done kebab, one mob with 3 buffs will give you 18 stacks because: WDKebab (x6) and three buffs (x3) = 6 * 3 = 18 stacks. (Thanks to Noobsicles and Zjha of Allods Online PH for this info)

How to make Well-done Kebab (WDK):

A well-done kebab is the best kind of kebab. Aside from acting as a x6 multiplier for Heroics Deeds, using it on a friendly target also gives you 10 stacks of Deeds. For example, if you click yourself then use WDK, you will gain 10 Deeds. If you click another character and use WDK on him, you will also gain 10 Deeds. The only requirement is that you should be wearing the Victory Banner. You don’t have to be in a party and if your target is another character, he will gain the WDK buff even if he does not have a Victory Banner. Note that if you use WDK on yourself without clicking your character as a target, you will gain the WDK buff but not the 10 Deeds. Raw Kebab and Overdone Kebab cannot be used on other targets.

Kebabs are made depending on the number of Roasting stacks you have:

Raw Kebab = 9 stacks
Well-done Kebab = 10 stacks (perfect)
Overdone Kebab = 11 stacks

So how does this work?

If you continuously press Z beside the Barbecue Grill, the Roasting stacks will go up. The number of stacks that are gained per Z press is 1, 2 or 3. The number of stacks added is random. Up to 5 stacks, you won’t be able to make a kebab but once the stacks hit 6, there is a chance that you will make a Raw Kebab. See the table below:

With this knowledge, we can increase our chances of getting a WDK by using Kebab items:

For example, if you have 8 stacks, you can just use Spices to get that perfect 10 stacks.


The Heroic Deeds stacks can be exchanged for gifts: Tiny, Small, Medium and Large. They contain many things ranging from animation items such as the Front Drink, kebab items that will allow you to cook better kebabs, NPC items such as fireworks (possibly costumes too) but the most common contents are Anniversary Coins.


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