Neopets : Freebies and Useful Links

Update: 05/14/2013 Altador Cup

Game: Neopets

Hint: A great way to enjoy Neopets AND earn Neopoints is to play games! Just head over to the Games Room and choose a game that you want to play. You can send your score and earn Neopoints up to three times per day, per game.

I will keep this as simple as possible. Please read the headers for each section and click the links if you want those freebies:


Festival of Neggs : It happens every year! A Faerie named Kari will give a daily riddle and the answer is a place in Neopia where the daily Negg can be found.

The Annual Neopies : Vote for each category and receive one bribe item! If you vote every day during the event, you’ll get something special once the voting ends.

The Advent Calendar : This only works during The Month of Giving (December). Just visit the Advent Calendar every day and get free stuff! ^^

The Snowager : The Snowager falls asleep a few times every day, and you can sneak in and try to take an item. During the Month of Giving, the Snowager hibernates so you can take one item any time every day.

Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway (Ended as of December 21st 2012!): You may choose -ONE- of your Neopets to enter into a lottery-like contest. It will permanently transform your pet into any color and any Neopet that you choose.

Mysterious Dig Site (Ended as of March 18 2013) : Some days you get something, some days you don’t.

Battleground of the Obelisk : Succeeded the original Mysterious Dig Site event.

Altador Cup : An annual event. Choose your team and get freebies at the end of every season!

— Newbie Freebie —

Soup Kitchen : If your Neopet is hungry, feed it in the Soup Kitchen. This will only help you while your Neopoints (Neopian money) is lower than 3,000.

— Daily Freebies —

These are all absolutely free. All you have to do it click the buttons on that page:

Giant Omelette : Get a piece of omelette (food)

Giant Jelly : This cannot be linked. Just type NEOPETS.COM/JELLY on your address bar and look for the Giant Jelly near the middle. Jelly Land is a secret area.

Weltrude’s Toy Chest : A toy chest at the Petpet Park.

The Clockwork Negg : If you solve the puzzle, you can open the Negg and get a prize. Here’s a reliable guide to solving the puzzle. This freebie was made available on August 29, 2012 after the Mysterious Negg plot was finished.

— Daily Freebies (by Chance) —

These are also absolutely free but what you’ll get is very random:

Fruit Machine : Free spin every day

Tombola : Free spin every day

Deserted Tomb: Explore it for a random item, or just an adventure!

Governor’s Mansion : Accept the Governor’s challenge. Fire at that Kraken!

Meteor Crash Site :  Poke that meteor! If you do not get an item, come back repeatedly until get something ^__^

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie Of Prosperity : A small blue speck on a tree beside the Wheel of Excitement. Talk to the plushie to get something, but most of the time he’s too sad to do anything.

— Free Repeatables —

You can check these repeatedly, maybe every two hours:

Coltzan’s Shrine : Pretty random. It can give items, raise stats or dubloons.

Healing Springs : The faerie can heal your pet, cure its illness or give you a healing item.

Magma Pool : This can paint one of your Neopets in the color “Magma” if that color is available for your pet.

— Dailies and Repeatables (requires some Neopoints) —

Forgotten Shore: This requires NINE map pieces that are sold for about 100 Neopoints each. Once you have all nine map pieces, go to the Treasure Maps page to assemble it. Once assembled, you don’t need to buy map pieces again! You can visit the Forgotten Shore any time, and on most days it will give a random freebie (Neopoints, items, etc.)

Wheel of Misfortune : This requires 150 Neopoints per spin, allowed once every two hours. Normally it is not a good idea to use this because the prizes are crappy however, some events will be unlocked only if your pet gets a specific illness, and this wheel can make your pet ill.

Wheel of Excitement: This requires 500 Neopoints per spin, allowed once every two hours. It’s a pretty good wheel but pricey for newbies.

Wheel of Knowledge : This requires 400 Neopoints per spin, allowed once every 24 hours. It’s a good wheel but may decrease your pet’s intelligence. It has the elusive “Job Coupon”.

Wheel of Mediocrity: This requires 100 Neopoints, allowed once every 24 hours. It’s pretty mediocre. LOL.

Wheel of Monotony: This requires 150 Neopoints per spin, allowed once every 24 hours. It’s a very, very, very… and I mean, very long spin.

— Other Useful Links —

The National Neopian Bank : You can open a bank account to keep your hard-earned Neopoints. This protects your NP from horrible random events that can steal it away such as the Ghosts. You can earn a daily interest but it must be manually collected. Remember to collect interest before making a transaction such as depositing or withdrawing NP. It is a free service.

Safety Deposit Box : If you want to keep your items safe from the Pant Devil, use your very own safety deposit box. It is a free service.

Habitarium : Each user account can have one Habitarium. Here, you can raise Petpetpets (or P3s). Every time you level up, you get Habitarium items or expansions, and free Neopoints!

The Academy : This trains your Level 1 to 40 Neopets. You must pay for training by using Dubloons.

Mystery Island Training School : This trains your Neopets of any level. You must pay for training by using Codestones.

Faerie Quests : As of May 3, 2013, Faerie Quests are given on a daily basis until May 19. Remember: You can’t use the Shop Wizard to look for the required items.

— Some Shop Links —

Neopian Fresh Foods : The Neopia Central food shop.

Neopian Health Foods : The Health food shop at the Neopia Bazaar.


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