Allods Online PH: Personal Summoner Build

My favorite class in most games is the Summoner. My summon is my best friend. The best summoner class that I ever played was in Neosteam where there was actually a summon which took hits for my summoner. The damage to my character was transferred to the tough summon instead. Admittedly, the summoner class in Allods Online is one of the worst that I have ever played. The summon can be totally ignored by a target and the summoner can be ganked instead. Summoning is not instantaneous unless you spend a lot of points for it, and even then it is not always instantaneous. The developers also change so much in this class and it was one of the first classes which had a major overhaul. However, I still enjoy playing with this summoner thus she is still my main character even though she has a reincarnation.

I created this post to share my current build as a Summoner in Allods Online PH – Patch and it might seem confusing but I have a reason for every build that I use. I have used a high-DPS acid build, a healer-Lurker build, and a vamp-PVP build in the past, but this build is currently the one that works the best for me. I am most comfortable when I play an offhealer role.

Most of my summoner’s talents and ruby skills are for support. I took all of the passive Stat enhancers for Intelligence, Perception/Faith and Wisdom as well as the ruby skills for increased Healing and Blood Bank. The other passive ruby skills support Damage Over Time and Heal Over Time. Since I have healing talents, I did not take Aura which increases damage in exchange for weakening heals. My summoner’s reincarnation is a warden and she utilizes Nature’s Balance for additional heals.

Overall, I do not recommend this build to newbies, to those who are new to summoners or to those that want something specific (high PVE DPS only, high PVP DPS only or high heals only). However, I hope that by looking at this build, you will be able to realize how the talents and ruby skills are related to one another. This build is, basically, “in-between”:

Dindeen (Summoner) Allods Online PH v2.06


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