Girl Gamers

Did you use your boobs to get that star?

When I play international games, I don’t tell people if I’m male or female unless someone asks specifically. And even then, I’m reluctant to answer.

When I play local games, I don’t announce that I’m female but I do correct people when they refer to me as a guy. In our native language (Filipino), there is no “him” or “her” and no “he” or “she”, just non-specific pronouns; however, people tend to use honorifics much like the Japanese’ “-nii” (older brother) and “-nee” (older sister). Though people aren’t really sure if a person is older or younger than them, it’s a way of showing respect especially if you’re asking for a favor or speaking to a guildmate. Some misunderstandings occur when I don’t correct people who refer to me as “older brother”; at one point someone thought that my boyfriend and I were gay guys. Someone’s also asked me why I look like a girl in my Facebook profile. Being mistaken for a guy isn’t an issue, the issue is that it isn’t true at all and I don’t like deceiving people, so now I tend to correct people by stating that I’m female when they refer to me as “older brother”. Again, I only correct people, I don’t announce “hey hey I’m a girl”.

That said, I don’t understand what the fuss is about female gamers. I play games. I have XX-chromosomes instead of XY. Are those related somehow?

I saw a video on Youtube about these girls proclaiming that they’re “girl gamers” and respect and stuff- IMO, respect isn’t demanded, it doesn’t have to be said out loud. Respect is shown and felt; we all have a certain level of respect for each other as human beings, but the gamer’s level of respect depends on how you play, not your XX or XY.

I’ve been hit on by other gamers, but so what? I just ignore it. I’m not going to die if someone hits on me (unless that person has criminal intentions, I guess). Some guys hit on girls, but girls also hit on guys. It’s just that guys tend to be more vocal when hitting on someone and girls tend to be more vocal when complaining about being hit on. But I have to admit that it does become ridiculous at some point when everyone finds out you’re a girl and suddenly you’re getting all this attention, especially if you don’t want any of it.

Some guys are embarrassed when a girl beats them at a game and I’ve seen this firsthand, but we’re all sore losers at some point. Losing really sucks especially if you have a winning streak and someone comes in to break your combo. I really hate losing as well and I get angry, annoyed, frustrated- much like most other gamers on the planet.

Some people tend to put girl gamers on a pedestal but this happens for various reasons: personally, I’m really happy to find out that some players are female, especially if they’re quiet but powerful. This is because a lot of female gamers that I’ve met are really loud but can’t do shit: these are usually the guuuuuurl gamers who declare themselves to be guuuuuurl gamers, they think that just because they can beat that boss, hold a controller properly or know how to cast a spell, they’re so awesome because they’re gamers AND they have boobs and vag– girl parts. As a part of the female population, I am deeply ashamed of guuuuuurl gamers and I’d like to take this moment to apologize for their behavior, possibly hit one of them with a pan right on the face too.

Some guys are just really nice to girls but it ends up looking creepy; it’s just a misunderstanding.

Some guys have only known guy gamers their whole gaming lives so it’s a surprise if they meet a real girl in a game. It’s like living in a white room while wearing only white, then someone who’s wearing red comes in, of course you’ll be surprised because it is different.

I’ve met guys who are assholish to everyone even if they (the assholes) are the ones who are wrong, but tend to trashtalk depending on the qualities of their target (e.g. if you’re a girl they’ll make some chauvinistic comment) – these guys are not chauvinistic assholes, they’re just plain assholes.

My advice for gamers out there: Just play the game. Your age, sex, gender, location, civil status- it doesn’t matter. So you can play a  game. You are a girl. These are two separate facts of your life.

It really doesn’t matter unless you’re an attention whore who’s just in it to get some recognition. Or if you’re playing a dating game. If the time comes when you want to reveal these details, by all means, go ahead.  You must remember though that your game achievements, your capabilities- it’s not based on one thing or the other only, not just based on ” yea I’m a girl gamer!” … I mean, you don’t use your boobs as extra hands, right? You play the game just like every other gamer out there.

Note: I’ll allow comments on this post because I want to read people’s opinion on this matter. However, if spam ads that are posted as links pour in again, I’m afraid I’ll have to close the comments otherwise I’d just be encouraging those spammers. I’ve put up pages so that those who don’t care about anything but Allods Online can just head on to that page without reading through everything else.


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  1. Chishio
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 00:15:38

    Well yea, you already know my opinion on this matter from TNF~

    As well as the rather funny incident that happened to me through games and FB XD


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