Allods Online Quest: Spark Hardening

As of Patch 2.06 – Allods Online Philippines [League]

This quest is the pre-requisite for Reincarnation, a new feature of Allods Online as of 2.06

Note: You must complete the Fragments of Zak’s armor and obtain the item[Crystal Helmet] to be able to enter Tka-rik’s Cave. Four of the fragments can be obtained by finishing chain quests at the Isle of Revelation. The last three fragments can be obtained by finishing chain quests at the Twilight Isle, a new map that is available as of Patch 2.06

Quest Name: Spark Hardening
NPC Name: Klavdia Kalugina
NPC Location: Master’s Sanctuary – Citadel (Isle of Revelation)

To complete Spark Hardening quest, you need to finish three Exercises, each a total of 10 times. Since the exercises are daily quests, you need a minimum of 10 days to finish Spark Hardening.

First Exercise: Complete the trials at Tka-rik.

This is the most difficult exercise. You need to wear the Crystal Helmet first so that you will be protected from the “Veil of Death“. Next finish the first three World Mystery quests upon entering Tka-rik’s Cave for the first time. And after completing those, the daily “Path of Trials” (Ten Trials of Nihaz) will be available.

Klavdia will perform a ritual that will provide a buff called “Attempt“: THREE trial attempts per 24 hours. Should you fail any of the 10 trials (by dying or by getting disconnected/logged out from the game), you will have to start from the beginning and have one less attempt for that day.

Completing the Path of Trials will give you one Demonic Spark as a reward, in addition to the Sparks that can be attained by finishing Scattered Sparks or by a very low chance in the other trials.

The trials that will be assigned to you are COMPLETELY RANDOM : if you are very unlucky, like me, you’ll get the Curse of Time and Astral Poison trials repeatedly… quite a headache since Astral Poison, by default, requires 3 minutes and the Curse of Time will automatically kill you very dead after 15 minutes.

See the alphabetical list of the trials that I have already completed at the end of this post. If a trial is not in this list, that means I have not encountered it yet.

Second Exercise: Drink the Debtor’s Potion and kill 20 demons/cultists at Twilight Isle within 30 minutes.

This is a fairly easy quest but you need to access Twilight Isle first. You may do this by completing the quest “Action Time” from the Keeper of Knowledge at the Isle of Revelation’s Terrace of Truth. “Action Time” will only appear if you have finished most of the Draconid and Wormface quests. After you have finished “Action Time”, visit the Keeper of Wrath at one of the docks at the edge of the Isle of Revelation. It will give you a quest that will help you get to Twilight Isle (if you fail that quest, just abandon it and retake until you succeed).

Note that if you die while the Second Exercise is active, no matter what reason (mob, PVP, bug)- you will fail this quest and must retake it from Klavdia.

Third Exercise: Give 100 myrrh to Klavdia.

The easiest, most straightforward exercise.

List of Tka-rik Cave Trials:

Astral Healing Powers : An Astral Minion will appear. The goal is simply to kill it.

Astral Poison : A 3-minute debuff will appear and your HP will go down by 25k every 2 seconds. Use any healing potion or skill to get through it. You may use the Patronage healing skills.
Blessings and Curses : Orbs will appear. You must collect TEN of either Blessing or Curse, but each orb is randomly assigned  as a “Blessing” or “Curse”. Ten Blessings will give you +3 TRIALS while Ten Curses will give you -2 TRIALS.

Carnage : Many Demon Scavengers will appear around you. Each Scavenger that is killed will grant a stack of the Smell of Death buff. At 10 stacks of Smell of Death, a Demon Protector will appear beside Klavdia. The goal is to kill the Demon Protector. If Smell of Death gets to 20 stacks, the Demon Protector will change to a Hungering Predator which is slightly stronger; at 30 stacks, it will turn to a Flesh Eater that dishes out around 10k astral damage per hit. 20+ stacks of the Smell of Death buff has higher chances of giving a Demonic Spark upon the demon’s death.
Creeping Doom : Deathbringers will appear in a circle around Klavdia. They will chase you. I don’t know what will happen if they manage to touch you… I stayed the heck away from them, killing them from afar. The goal is to kill all Deathbringers.
Curse of Time : Walk to the orb that appears. There’s no other way to finish this trial: it will give you a 15-minute debuff/countdown timer. You will die and fail the trials if that timer runs out. There are other trials that can remove this debuff such as The Servant of Nihaz.

Defeating the Curse : Walk to the orb that appears to complete the trial. If you have the Curse of Time, it will disappear.
Demon Ancestors: A Demon Ancestor will appear. It will summon other demons. The goal is simply to kill the Ancestor.

Demon Hunt: Waves of Hunters, Demon Murderers and a Devourer will appear. Kill them all. Here’s the list of waves:

  • One Hunter
  • Two Hunters
  • Three Hunters
  • One Hunter and Two Demon Murderers
  • Two Hunters and One Devourer

Demon of the Void : Kill the Demon that appears. At some point it will create a red circle.  Stay out of it or you will die; just wait for the red circle to disappear if it is too close to the NPC.
Energy Capsules : A straightforward, easy trial. Collect thirty energy capsules/orbs.

Invulnerable Demon : An Invincible Demon will appear. When its HP is getting low, Demon Guardians will appear. Kill the Guardians because they provide damage and defense buffs to the Invincible Demon. The goal is to kill the Invincible Demon.
Orbs Of Greed : This is similar to Energy Capsules. First, you must get the “Altruism” buff from Klavdia by paying 10 gold. After you get that buff, you may start collecting Orbs of Greed which will create the Absolute Greed buff. At 10 stacks of Absolute Greed, the trial will be completed and there is a low chance that the Demon of Greed will appear. The Demon is easy to kill and will drop 100 gold.

Portal of Luck : Walk into the orb that will appear. If you are Lucky, you will get +1 TRIAL. Otherwise, you will get -1 TRIAL.

Scattered Sparks: Waves of mobs, increasing in number. They are fairly weak but can be annoying. The goal is to kill them all. This trial rewards one Demonic Spark. * As of writing (10/26/2011), I’ve experienced a bug in this quest wherein there is no “completion” notice nor +1 trial, and I cannot move on to the next trial (there is no “Start the Trial!” option on the NPC) after I have killed all of the waves of sparks.

Servant of Nihaz : The Artifact Merchant. This NPC will sell items that can only be purchased using Demonic Sparks (gained from the Trials); it will also allow you to remove the Curse of Time. To complete this trial, just click “Complete the quest and leave”.

List of the Servant's Goods

Test of Speed: The goal is to collect 12 “Energy Capsules” (orange orbs) while staying alive. Different kinds of monsters will appear and they will chase you so you must collect the capsules quickly so that the trial will end. The orbs that appear will provide AoE skills such as fire, lightning, fear and poison that can help you get rid of the monsters.

Test of Time : This test will last for five minutes. A lot of mobs will spawn and chase you. You will get two default skills that can one-hit a mob and heal you to 100% HP. Orbs will spawn all over the place; the blue ones will provide various AOE and movement skills while the orange ones will provide buffs that can poison or kill anything within 10 meters. The goal is to survive.
The Awakening : Sleeping Demons will appear in a circle around Klavdia. Kill them quickly, otherwise stronger demons will appear. This trial rewards 1000 Prestige.


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