Real Steel

Based on the Twilight Zone episode “Steel”, this movie is a pleasant surprise with a lot of action and a warm heart.

Charlie's shadow boxing with Atom

As most underdog stories go, the main character Charlie is a total loser: he is neck-high in debt, can’t even make the rent, makes horrible decisions and even has his fighting bots wrecked… twice. He even sells his son for a hundred thousand dollars, uses half of the money to buy a new robot which is totally awesome but, due to his own stupidity, it is destroyed on its first fight- and he gives his son Max some hamburgers but the boy hates it. That sounds oh so cliche but wait-

The delight of watching these kinds of movie isn’t the non-stellar story itself. Rather, the enjoyment comes from how the story is delivered. The characters are lovable, the mushy scenes are short, there’s a lot of action and the storytelling is fast-paced. I really liked the dancing robot part, that was so cool! The robot designs are also amazing: Atom, the hero’s robot, is small and throws weak punches but it is sturdy and has a rare Shadow-boxing mode, allowing it to mimic the movements of its target. Whoever thought of the robot’s design and included the rare ability into the story, he’s a genius.

Atom, Max and Charlie

The hero did not take it all- he did not win the championship as expected, but the movie is open-ended. Instead of a championship title, he took home the joy of boxing once again and the respect and love of his son. I can’t really describe this movie’s simple awesomeness… one must watch it to understand.


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