Allods Online PH GM-Assisted GT Raids

Due to public demand and positive feedback, the GMs of Allods Online Philippines began their first GM-Assisted Gorluxor’s Tower Raid yesterday!

Now the truth behind the matter is this:

  • About 80% of the feedback to the question itself (would you like GM-assisted GT runs?) was absolutely negative to the point that people, even those who have not participated in GT for various reasons (check Allods Online PH on Facebook), were flaming and cursing. Were there some invisible positive comments there? Or were the GMs selectively dyslexic to the point that they’d just taken the 16 or so Likes and 2 to 5 positive comments into consideration, not minding the 100+ negative comments as if they were incomprehensible jumbles of letters?
  • Gorluxor’s Tower (GT) is an individual and guild achievement: That is the true purpose of that instance. Through GT, yes, you may be able to complete some quests that will give you up to 2 rubies and Relic items, but 2 rubies can hardly make a difference to a level 46 player and Relic items have a cooldown (you can’t even use it all the time; you can’t use it at all if you don’t have Draconic Aspect). Individuals come together usually in the form of guilds to bring down the bosses in Gorluxor’s Tower. It’s not a “target-then-kill” situation. Each boss has specific attacks that have to be worked around; the whole raid has to be coordinated, has to move as one… but in GM-assisted GT raid, guess what, the GM can ONE-HIT-K.O. the GT bosses. How is that GM-“assisted“?! It’s more like GM-spoonfeeding!
  • There are players whose Reputation towards GT mobs is high (“Friendly”) and this is why they cannot join GT raids. Instead of fixing these bugs, the Allods Online PH GMs made this “event”. Cool huh? NOT!

You want to help Allods Online PH players? You want to assist the community? Then make goddamn guides like, you know, ME! While it was great when Samhok posted my Wedding guide on AO-PH’s wall, I wince every time that they (GMs) make posts that show that they are absolutely unknowledgeable about how Allods Online PH works. Sometimes the item or NPC names are wrong (showing that they referred to other guides to other AO versions, not AO-PH)… c’mon people, play the game that you are managing! BE ONE OF US! Not just a pre-generated, shiny-named stooge.


Screenshots from concerned raid members:









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