Allods Online: Astral Heroics Bosses

This guide is applicable only to Patch 2.0 or higher.

  • Terminologies are based on what I understand from the game.
  • I’ve provided some separate strategies/suggestions for Tank and Ranged party members. Anyone else can form their own strategy based on their playing styles.
  • Boss names with quotation marks are temporary; those names will be replaced once I’ve listed the full name of that boss.


Aggro – aggravation/aggression of the mob. It denotes the aggressive interests of the mob. The mob will attack the player with the highest threat, usually the one with the highest DPS but sometimes the healer can aggro the mob because heals generate a lot of threat. In general, the tank should always hold the mob’s aggro; a good tank can hold aggro and, in case a party member with high threat gets the mob’s aggro, the tank should be able to get the aggro back to himself.

AoE – area of effect. A skill that affects a whole area and not just a single target.

Astral Heroics (AH) – instances in allods that are floating in Astral Layer 2.

Boss and Mini-boss – both have RED rings around their icon, instead of metallic or green rings. The “boss” is the final boss for that allod while the “mini-boss” is a weaker boss that may have quest items or loots.

Burn – throw everything at the mob.

DoT – damage over time. This is a debuff that damages the target not only once but while the debuff is active.

DPS – damage per second. Generally, it is the amount of damage that any character can dish out.

FF – full focus/full force/focus force. If there are multiple targets, just focus all of your attacks on a specific mob until it is dead.

HoT – heal over time. This is a buff that heals the target not only once but while the buff is active.

Threat – the measure of a mob’s aggression/aggro towards a player. Those with the highest DPS usually generate the highest threat, so tanks have skills that allow them to hold aggro even if they have lower DPS. Fire mages are usually the ones with the highest threat, closely followed by melee healers and offtanks (paladins and warriors with more offensive skills), and the pets of wardens or summoners; full healers and summoners can also generate a lot of threat because of AoE heals.

— Allods and Bosses —

Astral Horn

– This allod has two halves; at first, only the right half will be accessible due to a lightning barrier. Follow the road and kill the trolls and mini-bosses to obtain quest items that will allow you to deactivate the lightning barrier.

Splasher (mini-boss): A giant water elemental that is invincible until all of the Lamias around the lake are killed. Burn this mini-boss after killing all the lamias; it will summon some other elementals, but they are weak so just FF the mini-boss.

Stomper (mini-boss): A large ogre at the far end of the allod; burn it while watching out for its AoE stun.

Astral Horn (boss): A unicorn that can be fought once the left side is accessible. Kill all the spiders in its area so that you can move freely. At first, there are three Astral Unicorns: ATTACK THEM ONE AT A TIME. Astral Horn is randomly disguised as one of the unicorns; you’ll be in deep shit if you aggro more than one unicorn and Astral Horn suddenly sheds its disguise. This boss has psionicist-like skills and dishes out astral damage.

  • Tank: Run around while holding aggro. Don’t step on its astral-damage tracks (purple stuff on the ground).
  • Ranged: Stay away from the boss and its tracks. At some point it will pull the whole party towards itself; run away quickly and proceed to burn it.

Border Isle (Hikut Shard)

– Half of this allod is infected by an astral fang.

Cultist Captain (mini-boss): A humanoid at the gate to the infected half of Hikut Shard. Burn this mini-boss.

Astral Worm (boss): A large astral worm that resides in the middle of the astral fang. Kill the Predators around the fang before engaging the boss, otherwise they will assist it.

  • Tank: The boss will be invincible once it creates a “Twin”; tank the twin and the Astral Worm.
  • Ranged: Stay at mid-range, otherwise the boss might reset. If the “Twin” appears, burn it as quickly as possible to remove the Invincibility of the Astral Worm. Around 10%, everyone in the party will get a debuff that will automatically kill its targets once it reaches  ten stacks, so burn the boss at this point (it won’t create a Twin anymore).

Catacombs (Abandoned Pyramid)

– A desert-like allod that has a lot of scorpions, rock elementals and Tep’s minions. You don’t have to kill the scorpions since they may be evaded. Rock elementals will chase you throughout the allod though, so kill those along with Tep’s minions.

Cultist Prelate (mini-boss) :  One of Tep’s priests; it has a painful AoE attack. Burn it.

Isdes (boss) :  Tep Berserker. It stands in front of the abandoned pyramid at the highest point of the area. The strategy for this boss is the same for all party members: stay close to the boss and abandon all casting and attacks when a white circle appears on the ground. Go to the circle to get a protective buff, otherwise you will be “sacrificed” (all nearby unprotected players and mobs, except for the boss, will be killed). Do this repeatedly until the boss gets to 10%, at which point it will go berserk (faster attack, higher damage) and will no longer offer sacrifices to Tep, then proceed to burn.


– A temple on an allod where the final boss looks like Genoer the Devourer.

“ Tep’s Henchman “ (mini-boss): One of Tep’s minions. Just kill the Tep’s Blades around it using AoE and then focus on the mini-boss. It will explode once its buff reaches ten stacks.

Tep’s Horseman (mini-boss): Kill its dreadnought first, since it will be invincible while the dreadnought is alive. This mini-boss has psionicist-like spells and damage, but is very easy to kill once the dreadnought is out of the way.

Dark Mistress (mini-boss): Tep’s Confessor. Quickly kill all of the mobs around it since this mini-boss can sacrifice them to cause a painful explosion.

Devourer of Shadows (boss): It is accompanied by two other devourers: Ice and Fire. The strategy for this boss is the same for all party members: burn the left devourer first, then switch to the right one when that moves. When a devourer is inactive (not moving), it is also invincible; the Devourer of Shadows is invincible while Ice and Fire are alive. Kill Ice and Fire first, then burn the Shadows.

Goblin Isle

– A very long-winded allod with lots of mobs but with only two bosses. Avoid aggroing the pacified (yellow name) vultures because they have annoying DoTs.

Goblin Overseer (mini-boss) :  One of the chief Goblins of the allod. Burn it.

Urub (boss):  Goblin President.  The highest chief Goblin at the farthest and highest point of the allod.

  • Tank : Aggro its summons when they appear. Watch out for the damage-reflect buff; avoid attacking heavily when it is up.
  • Ranged: FF the summons when they appear. Do not attack the boss when its damage-reflect buff is up because that is suicidal.

Green Maze

– An allod where the temple of draconids stands.

Supreme Spellcaster (mini-boss): Guardian of the Border. You’ll find this draconid on the right side of the temple. Stay away from the fire traps. Burn.

Supreme Healer (mini-boss): Guardian of the Border. Kill its Draconid guard first otherwise the mini-boss will remain invincible. Burn them both.

Cursed/Resurrected Warrior (boss): At first this seems more like a mini-boss and will easily die, then it will be resurrected and use an AoE DoT skill.

  • Tank: It’s difficult to hold this boss’ aggro so you have to get it back quickly.
  • Ranged: Run around the room when you have the arrow buff, which means that the boss will go after you. Stay out of the DoT puddles because it deals heavy damage.

Heart of Fire

– A volcano stands in the middle of the allod. Kill the Fierce Crawlers along the way and use the quest item from them to light the torches that will summon the final boss.

Supreme Chief of Draconids (mini-boss): A large draconid that stands in the middle of the path. Stay away from its fire attacks. Burn it.

Hephaesto (boss): Lord of Fire. A fire elemental that has Fire Trap and Smoke skills. The smoke will inflict DoT and make the elemental invisible. Healers are key to defeating this boss; don’t let anyone’s HP decrease too much as the fire trap can easily kill a low-HP party member. Other than that, just burn this boss.

Isle of the Cursed

– This allod is a bit complicated.

Heart Devourer(mini-boss): This large undead is invincible until all of the nearby zombies (Skeletal Fighter) are killed. It yields a quest item (Love Letter) that is required to summon the final bosses.

Venomous Spider Lord (mini-boss): A gigantic spider that lives close to the Frog mini-boss. FF its summons (Spiders) whenever they appear, otherwise the mini-boss will remain invincible.

Scank (mini-boss) : A large frog in the middle of a pond; kill all Cursed Toads around the pond before engaging the mini-boss. When its HP is low, it will swallow all party members; kill the Toad Stomach and obtain the quest item (Wedding Ring) for summoning the final bosses.

Tainted Treant Lord (mini-boss) : A large, walking tree in the middle of a small farm; kill all the Cursed Mushrooms around it before engaging. It will yield a quest item (A bouquet of everlasting flowers) for summoning the final bosses.

Ivan Neladov and Maria Neladova (boss): Use the quest items to summon them from their graves. Keep the husband away from the wife, otherwise she will heal him. FF and burn the husband; once he’s dead, the wife will go berserk, just burn her.

Lab Nine

– A cursed allod that has been taken over by the undead. Cursed Zombies leaves very poisonous goo when they die.

General Novikov (mini-boss): The undead general in the middle of Lab Nine. FF its Nimble Zombie minions then burn the boss.

Yasskul Setnakhte (boss): The final boss that summons a lot of Cursed Zombies.

  • Tank: Pull the boss outside of its ritual area so that the Cursed Zombies cannot reach the party quickly.
  • Ranged: FF the summoned zombies whenever they appear; AoE is advised. Stay away from the poisonous goo. Healers should cleanse the tank to avoid three stacks of the Poison debuff, which will make the boss’ poison attack inflict more damage; Summoners can use Unstable Antidote.

Lost Isle

– This allod is inhabited by elementals, animals and the undead. Watch out for the bear that has strong attack and defense, the elementals that drain either HP or Mana when they die, and the poisonous undead.

Pulsating Magic Elemental (mini-boss): An elemental that resides in a crystal cave. It has fairly painful ranged attacks, but burn it quickly and it’ll all be over.

Pyramid Guardian (boss): This boss looks like the Tower Guard Nogrom inside Gorluxor’s Tower; it can be found at the highest point of the Lost Isle. You must talk to the NPC (Roman Kuzin) at the pyramid first, then he should start the ritual to deactivate the pyramid. Once the ritual starts, you must defend the NPC. There will be three sets of mobs: left, right, middle. After the mobs are cleared, the Pyramid Guardian will appear.

  • Tank: Position the boss so that it will face away from the other party members, since it has an AoE attack that damages everyone in front of it. At some point, the boss will target one of the dead Cursed Healers, and then it will explode; back off for a while (for warrior) or let your barriers store the damage (for paladin).
  • Ranged: FF the Cursed Healers whenever they appear then proceed to burning the boss. Ignore the Putrid Zombies because, over time, they will die and leave poisonous goo (don’t step over it).

Power Shard (Glitterlake)

– This allod has a lot of waterfolk that guard bloody pots. Take at least ten quest items from the bloody pots and offer it at the altar on the middle of the allod to summon the final boss.

Waterfolk Prayer (mini-boss): A large waterfolk shaman at the altar. It has an ice-tornado attack that will slow down movement speed. Just burn this mini-boss.

Sercet (boss) : Scorpion King. A giant, poisonous scorpion that spawns mini-scorpions.

  • Tank: Sercet will put a stacking debuff on the tank, increasing the damage taken per stack. At seven stacks, it is highly possible that your tank will die with just two hits. To prevent this scenario, the tank should run around a bit or let summons/pets get the boss’ agro for a while as the debuff’s stacks decrease, then tank the boss again.
  • Ranged: Attack at maximum range. This boss has an AoE poison-cloud attack. Kill the mini-scorpions as quickly as possible and stay out of the poisonous puddle that they will leave behind.

Silent Hills

– This allod is inhabited by ghosts.

Freshwater Pike (mini-boss): This fish will not appear in the lake unless all of the Fisherman’s Ghosts (found around the lake) are killed. Over time, the mini-boss will increase attack speed and damage but overall, it is easy to kill. Burn it.

Senior Miller (mini-boss): This ghost walks around the middle of the town. It has a strong AoE attack so ranged players should stay at mid to long range. Burn it.

Evil of Silent Hills (boss): A banshee with summoning and mage skills. Burn it while watching your HP. Members should stick together because the boss will create exploding ice circles beneath them, if members are close together there will be more room to move because the ice circles will stack close to each other instead of using up the space in this small boss area; stop all casting and just run away from it, don’t think that cast time is wasted because time will be wasted even more if you die. The ice circles are really painful and even if you are just close to them, you will be sucked in and damaged. At 10% HP, the boss will disappear and summons will appear; kill them quickly before the buff (Cursed Witches) disappears otherwise you’ll have to deal with both the summons and the boss.

Wolf Isle

– This is one of the easiest allods. It’s impossible to not finish this; just watch out for the patrols, don’t run around aggroing all mobs.

Black Wolf (mini-boss) :  A black wolf with weaker wolves around it; they guard the bridge. Burn it.

Vseslav the Charming (boss) : A white werewolf that resides at the farthest end of the allod. It will summons mobs at 60% HP (weak little wolves), 40% HP (stronger black wolves), and 20% HP (werewolves). Use Caltrops, Nature’s Grip and Fire Wall to deal with the summons.

  • Tank: At some point, the boss’ damage will get heavier, it’s important to hold aggro at all times otherwise your casters might get wiped out.
  • Ranged: Burn. You may stop burning the boss whenever the summons appear so that you can deal with them first.


– This is also an easy allod but the elementals and harpies can be annoying.

Chief Yeti (mini-boss): A yeti in the middle of the ice cave. Burn it.

Siloda the Frosty (boss): The Great Dragon of Ice that sits atop the highest point of the allod. Burn it as quickly as possible.

  • Tank: Stay in one spot while tanking the boss.
  • Ranged: Spread out. Pick one spot that is far away from the others, maintain maximum range. At some point, this boss will pull everyone in. The tank will stay in his spot but everyone else should move away; if you stay close to anyone, the resulting damage from a succeeding AoE attack will be multiplied.

The following maps are available in “normal” instances or heroics.  Try the normal heroics before engaging the astral ones to create your own strategy. I’ll post a few short tips (XAES now has its own list of tips, thanks to Reaver):

Castle Blight

Lord Fetidflesh (mini-boss) : The melee attack can hurt a bit.

Adrian Valir (mini-boss): Burn while staying away from its spinning attack. Tank should watch out for the stun and debuff that decreases target’s HP by 20% per stack; healer should keep the tank’s HP at 100% to avoid death when stunned.

Ghost of the White Knight (mini-boss) :  It has a debuff that increases damage taken.

Mor’ghuun (boss) : Around 20% HP, the boss will be assisted by non-poisonous undead so  put up a Fire Wall, use Smite or Storm, Nature’s Grips, Caltrops and AoE heals.

Darkblood Citadel

Rakshana (mini-boss) :  Watch out for the spiderlings that have debuffs that can stun.

Carlos de Doucer (mini-boss) : Fear and blind are annoying but stay close to this mini-boss because it can reset if its target is too far away. Avoid using pets/summons as they may cause the mini-boss to reset.

Shadow (mini-boss) : Burn as quickly as possible. It has AoE stun no matter how far you are from it so just stay in mid-range. Do not use HoTs. Do not heal party members when they have the wand-like Dark Intentions debuff, because heal will be converted to damage.

Armando de Doucer (boss): The Vampire Patriarch. It will inflict Patriarch’s Bite which will weaken all party members, as well as Stun and Fear which are both incredibly annoying. Do not use pets and summons to avoid a reset; if Armando has a Health buff and its HP does not go below 100%, reset the boss to remove the Health buff. Aside from that, all you have to do is BURN.

Defiled Ruins

Olivier de Doucer (mini-boss): One party member should press Z while beside the pot. This will enable them to go Ghost Mode and kill Oliver’s summons. Watch out for the mini-boss’ slash attacks.

Actpazz the Invader (mini-boss): Summon it from the altar. Burn the mini-boss; when it becomes invincible, kill its summon named “Volatile Ravager”, then continue to burn the mini-boss.

Vur’tazz the Ravager (boss): Demon Commander. This crazed astral worm will cause the ground to be engulfed in flames. When the flames are blue, step into it so that the damage that you inflict will be increased; once the flames turn red, step far away because it has a delayed explosion. Thanks to Rizza for the tip.

Heart of Tensess Temple (HoTT)

Vissarion Arhivin (mini-boss): The Chairman of the Historians. Its elementals are a nuisance at first but become threats if they are allowed to multiply. Burn.

Nefer Ur (mini-boss): Great Mage. Kill its summons quickly otherwise they will heal Nefer Ur.

Kirill Rudakov (mini-boss): Separate it from the Horrid Demon Mage that will heal it. FF the Demon Mage then burn Kirill.

Gorluxor (mini-boss): Mutinous Great Mage. This mini-boss will fight Voisvet Belov, the High Knight of the Church of Light; it has a barrier that makes it invulnerable to anyone but Voisvet; kill its minions while Voisvet fights. At 20% HP, its barrier will explode and instantly kill Voisvet, then the party members can burn Gorluxor.

Shazalon (boss): You’ll find multiples of this boss. Just burn it with AoEs; each group of Shazalons decrease in number but become stronger until Shazalon the Greater, the final boss, appears.

Lab 13

Bang the Bloodthirsty/Sarbaz Menkare/Igor Smazhin (mini-boss): Three Yaskers that will attack in succession. Burn.

Stepmother/Termite Queen (mini-boss): A gigantic, poisonous termite that has a lot of summons. Kill the summons before they multiply then burn the mini-boss.

Stas Yinov (mini-boss): A lone man beyond some shadows and zombies. Burn.

Skulnar the Fierce (mini-boss): Imperial Colonel. This Kobold-like mob will minimize the party members that have highest threat, such as the tank, mage and pets. Burn.

Astral Executioner (boss): Casters should assist the tank and other heavy-physical hitters to the June Golems that can be used to fight the Astral Executioner. Once in the June Golems, the party members should use debuff skill to allow the casters to heavily damage the Astral Executioner even though they are not in June Golems.

Laguna Boil

Semer Karpol (mini-boss):  Korleone Family Archivist. Stay close to it so that if you’re iced, the fire elemental aura will melt the ice. Burn.

Manuel (mini-boss): Korleone’s Favorite Pet. Painful melee blows; will go into Feline Rage when it is about to die. Burn.

Izot the Unyielding(mini-boss): The guard at the gate. Stay away from the spinning attack.

Viktor Korleone (boss): “The Godfather”. It has fear and psionicist-like attacks, otherwise it is easy to kill by burning.

Oreshek Fortress

Armored Troll (mini-boss): This troll is at the left side of the Fortress. Burn.

Ratibor Vihrov (mini-boss): Named Osip Kruchinin in the normal heroics. This mini-boss sits at the bottom of a staircase along with two minions. FF the minions then burn the mini-boss.

Mecheslav Brute (mini-boss): Mutinous Noble. After killing the Channelers at the top of the staircase, this mini-boss will be summoned. Avoid its firetraps or, if they can’t be avoided, just avoid falling off the ledge

Gudimir Belsky (boss): Leader of the Kanian Rebels. This boss is weak but has an annoying Chains skill. Immediately remove the chains from a trapped party member by pressing Z (Unchain), otherwise they will die from fire DoT.

XAES ( Thanks to Reaver for the wonderful comment below)

Ugy the Dull and Igy the Dim (mini-bosses): Goblin Craftsmen. Separate the two of them, since they give each other a buff that increases their damage. If they’re separated its a simple tank and spank.

Grum the Gloomy (mini-boss): Traitor Engineer. Burn him. Simple Tank and spank.

Alexey Skifin (mini-boss): Assassin. This one has a debuff that slows you down and increases skill cost. takes time, but just burn through him.

Nomarkh Kopf (boss): Fugitive Magician. Mage boss spawns elementals.

  • Tank: Keep the boss aggro.
  • Rest: DPS the boss, and burn the elementals as they appear.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Reaver
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 02:46:18

    Ugy the Dull and Igy the Dim (mini-bosses):
    Separate the two of them, since they give each other a buff that increases their damage. If they’re separated its a simple tank and spank.

    Grum the Gloomy (mini-boss):
    Burn him. Simple Tank and spank.

    Alexey Skifin (mini-boss):
    This one has a debuff that slows you down and increases skill cost. takes time, but just burn through him.

    Nomarkh Kopf (boss):
    Mage boss spawns elementals.

    Tank: Keep the boss aggro.
    Rest: DPS the boss, and burn the elementals as they appear.

  2. Rizza
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 03:01:35

    Just to add for Defiled Ruins, step into the blue area for damage boost, jump out of it when it turns red, that’s when it explodes. 🙂

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