Sucker Punch

Kick-ass girls

Two words: KICK-ASS GIRLS.

So I’m a sucker (lol) for kick-ass girls: the sisters in So Close, Alice in the Resident Evil series, and now Babydoll and her posse in Sucker Punch.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead. I’m serious. SPOILERS AHEAD.]

The Concept: It’s set in the ‘real world’, but we are treated to the main protagonist’s highly imaginative ways of dealing with her circumstance.

The Story: Girl is abused, lots of injustices come her way, she wants to get out and she finds some friends who want to help her. In the process, she finds herself. I have seen this in too many soap operas BUT the schoolgirl-with-a-sword (she has a gun too! and it has bunny keychains!) drew me in. Oh, but that poor imaginary baby dragon T__T

Babydoll's "super"

The Characters: There was an evil stepfather for a change. And there was a snitch *stabs Blondie (she looked kick-ass though)* , not a pack of impossibly loyal friends.

The Good: Self-sacrifice without being a wuss about it. She kicked that last guy right on the balls, yo! Oh, and the imaginary fights… so awesome, my favorite was the first one when she had to go up against gigantic samurai-like creatures.

The Bad: Babydoll ended up catatonic. BUT! It makes sense, because she has nowhere to return to anyway, unlike Sweet Pea who’d just gone after her sister Rocket when the latter ran away from home.

Moe, moe, moe...

If you look at “critic’s reviews”, you’ll find that they are highly unfavorable. They say that it looks too much like a video game… damn right! And what’s wrong about that? They say that this movie is misogynistic, while pretending to be feminist. However, if you look closely enough, you’ll find that those bashing critics were MOSTLY MEN … so what do MEN know about being WOMEN, huh? A certain female critic instead enjoyed the movie, seeing it only for what it really was: A GODDAMN FUN MOVIE WITH FEMALE PROTAGONISTS.

I’m a very straight female, I have real boobs and other genuine girl-parts. I am in my late twenties. And I loved this movie. If you did not like this movie, or if you did not want to friggin’ watch this after seeing the trailer, you are either TOO YOUNG, TOO OLD or TOO MUCH OF A PUSSY for Sucker Punch.


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