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This feature is available only to Patch 2.0 or higher. This may or may not apply to Allods Online Patch 2.0 in other regions, I am not sure.

Update: Skills information have been added.

First off, there is already an official guide: Link to Allods Online PH Website

… but the thing is, this guide lacks essential steps for the wedding to be complete, so here is a step-by-step procedure. Some steps have no screenshots because my boyfriend and I were experimenting on how to make the Wedding System work, I wasn’t able to capture everything on screenshots:

Step 1: Party up with your partner then take the Wedding Quest at the Temple. Partying will make it easier to confirm that you are already married. Later you will understand why this is needed. Warp to the Wedding Chapel from Marianne de Ardeur, then talk to the wedding representative “Helena”.

Wedding Dress and Suit

Step 2: Buy these items from the Item Shop: Wedding Ring, Wedding Dress, Wedding Suit. These items can be found under Accessories > Wedding. Both characters must have all these items for the wedding to work. Why is the guy wearing a wedding dress, and the girl a wedding suit? Because the Wedding Dress item is actually a Headgear and the Wedding Suit is the Chest Gear.  The Dress and Suit should be equipped (as costumes) and the Wedding Ring can be found on the Item Shop tab of your bag.

Step 3: Pay the Wedding Tax. It’s only 10 gold.

Proposal Casting

Step 4: Click your partner and then right-click the Wedding Ring. You will cast “Proposing”.

Step 5: Right-click the Wedding Ring in your bag. The one who was proposed to will have the buff that says “Accept now!”; if he/she checks the first tab of his/her bag, there will be a consumable Wedding Ring item (different from the Wedding Ring from the Item Shop). Once this consumable item is right-clicked, the wedding proposal will be accepted and the Wedding Quest of that character will be complete. Only one character in the couple will be able to complete the quest but the marriage will be completed.

Spouse has pink name

How to Confirm Marriage: In your party chat, your spouse’s message will appear PINK. Their name (over their head) will also be pink, and there will be a ring icon there. If you press “P” to view your skills, you will find three skills in the separate Family tab (see the official guide for the skill definition). Said skills will be upgraded every time they are used. As of the moment, Heart Affection (which is consumed when a Family skill is used) can only be refilled by purchasing a 40 Perrah item (Romantic Gift) from the Item Shop.

** As of April 18, 2011 – 2:17pm , the League characters Primo and Dindeen are married in Allods Online PH.

— Heart Affection and Skills Information —

Heart Affection from Romantic Gift and Skills Experience are both shared. Any Heart Affection that either spouse gets from the Romantic Gift item will also be credited to the other spouse’s Heart Affection pool; but usage of Heart Affection is not shared, that is if the wife uses up Heart Affection, it will not be deducted from the husband’s Heart Affection pool. And as either spouse uses any Family Skill, the experience points will be reflected on the Family Skills tab of both. Basically, the married couple is using the -same- skill at any point, the same skills are shared by two different characters.

Romantic Gift item

Romantic Gift : This is found in the Item Shop along with other Wedding items. It currently costs 40 Perrah (4 Php). As the description states, it gives 2500 Heart Affection to both spouses. That is, even if the wife bought and used the item, both the husband and wife will get 2500 Heart Affection each.

Skills in Family Tab

Enheartening: This is found in the Family tab of the Skills list. It starts at Rank 1 and will gain experience as it is used. The target is yourself. Upon use, you will provide an aura that increases the stamina of your partner by 1% if you are within 50 yards of each other. Each use costs 250 Heart Affection.

At Rank 2, you will provide an aura that increases the stamina of your partner by 2% if you are within 50 yards of each other. Each use costs 215 Heart Affection.

At Rank 3, stamina increases by 3% and costs 175 Heart Affection.

At Rank 4, stamina increases by 4% and costs 135 Heart Affection.

At Rank 5 (maximum), stamina increases by 5% and costs 95 Heart Affection.

Healthy Snack: This is found in the Family tab of the Skills list. It starts at Level 1 and will gain experience as it is used.  The target is your spouse. Upon use, it creates a stack of 10 Sandwiches that restores Health and Energy/Mana but can only be used outside of battle. If the spouse still has Sandwich(es) in their bag, this skill cannot be used. Each use costs 250 Heart Affection.

Life Transfer: This is found in the Family tab of the Skills list. It starts at Level 1 and will gain experience as it is used.  This is the only Family skill with a cooldown (30 minutes). The target is your dead spouse. It works much like any Resurrection skill except that it can only be used on the spouse, uses Heart Affection and consumes the Health of the user. Contrary to the ingame description, you will not use 10 of your Health to resurrect your spouse, rather BOTH of you will be left with only 10 Health when the skill is used. Each use costs 250 Heart Affection. ** April 22 Update! WARNING!!! – I died when I used Life Transfer. I have submitted a bug report to LU; as of the moment, I am not sure if the skill is actually supposed to drain ALL of your HP to resurrect your spouse, or if it is indeed a bug. USE THIS SKILL WITH CAUTION. **


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  1. Nivea
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 15:11:46

    So is rank 5 really the max level? Wow i congratulate yah for reaching it! 🙂

  2. Nivea
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 12:50:50

    OK so I’ve decided to give my hubby a chance and stay with him a bit longer.

    So we’re leveling up our Enheartening skills but everytime we use it, it’s just a 2% increase in exp, is there something we’re doing wrong? Or is it just that low? Or a plot of the game to actually spend more ahaha. We wanna reach the level 5 max as well 🙂

  3. Nivea
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 20:30:07

    I’d like to thank you for this marriage guide
    But I wish to ask you about divorce… 🙂
    Don’t ask why ahaha

    I want to ask you about the Champagne item in the item mall, can i use that instead to divorce my husband without him knowing? or di I really have to tell him to do the divorce quest?

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