Allods Online Treasure Locations

[Allods Online Philippines – League]


  • The maps that have treasure quests are Lightwood (capital), Siveria, Frozen Frontier, Darkwater, Tenebra, Asee-Teph, Eljune, Coba Plateau, Coldberg, Avilon, Dragon Ring, Yazes Shard and Gipat. Patch 2.0 Kirah and Isle of Revelation.
  • As of Patch 2.0, Evermeet Isle no longer has a treasure spot and quest.
  • As of Patch 2.0, I have explored at least TWO more maps that have treasure locations and quests: Kirah and the Isle of Revelation (Misty Lands).
  • As of Patch 2.06, I have explored the new map Twilight Isle and found a treasure quest/location.

Here are the maps with markers. A bit of explanation is written beside each map to help you find the treasures:

Evermeet Isle

Evermeet Isle is the training ground for the League. Its treasure can be found in the ancient ruins on the northwest corner of Spark Shore, in the area where the Ancient June Blocks (quest) are located. As of Patch 2.0, Evermeet Isle no longer has a treasure spot and quest.

Lightwood (Dead Thicket)

Lightwood has TWO treasures. The one in the Dead Thicket is -NOT- the one required for the Treasure Quest. It can be found in the area of wolves and werewolves, on a decomposing skeleton in a ruined wagon.

Lightwood (Northern Birchwoods)

The second Lightwood treasure, this is located on higher ground near the Sawmill. Go up a slope that would lead to a mountain and there you will find the treasure chest that is required for the Treasure Quest.


Near the two great statues that guard the entrance to Bone Valley, follow the path up to the Bear Tribe leaders and you will find the treasure in the midst of some trees.

Frozen Frontier

The Frozen Frontier treasure is on Nordheim Isle, in the area of the Frosty Dragons. It is a block of isle; beware of the dragons.


Near the edge of the Astral Bay, the treasure can be found underwater in some Astral Amber.


A treasure chest can be found near a dying tree in the middle of Lamia Lake.


The treasure can be found on a Worn June Stele beside a skeleton, close to the Site of Power at Miktlan Ruins.


The Eljune treasure is at Itsmal Ruines, in an Eroded June Stele; beware of trolls.

Coba Plateau

The treasure of Coba Plateau can be found in a Broken Demon Detector on the second isle in the Isles of Weakness. It is close to the undead creature named Nighthowl.


Follow the path to the summit of Frost Peak, there you’ll find the treasure in an icicle.


The treasure of Avilon can be found on the Southern Dark Shard, inside some ruins at the edge of that allod.

Dragon Ring

This area’s treasure is in a Boulder on Drakefang Isle; beware of dragons for they are level 40 and quite aggressive.

Yazes Shard

The treasure of Yazes Shard is in some Crumbling Blocks, at the ruins on Tainted Valley.


The treasure of Gipat is in some Crumbling Blocks, out in the open on the Cursed Path.

** Succeeding maps are available only to Patch 2.0 or higher **


The treasure of Kirah is in the mouth of a Giant Crocosaur skull, northeast of the mines in the area where some of the Odds spawn.

Isle of Revelation

The treasure of the Isle of Revelation is in a Strange Golem at Granite Madness. To get to it, you have to climb up a ruined structure.

Twilight Isle

The treasure of Twilight Isle is in an Old Ordinary Chest beyond the Temple Ruins. It is close to some Cultist Defilers.


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