Allods Online Crowned Mobs

Disclaimer: This guide will never contain 100% of the spawn points and information about the crowned mobs for League (Siveria to Tenebra) and Neutral (Asee-Teph to Gipat). This is because (1) the crowned mobs respawn in two to three different spots, anywhere that the regular mobs spawn; and (2) some crowned mobs walk around and end up far away from their original spawn point. All I can do is to provide general information based on what I have experienced in-game.

General Information about Crowned Mobs:

  • Respawns every two hours : The crowned mob will respawn after roughly two hours. It many respawn up to three minutes before or after two hours, after the previous kill.
  • Respawn time does not reset at 12pm: Only Fatigue is reset at 12pm.
  • Spawns with regular mobs: It can be found anywhere that a regular mob can be found.
  • Two to three spawn points : Depending on how many spawns points the regular mobs have, the crowned mob might respawn in one of two to three different points. If the regular mob is contained in a smaller area, it is easier to spot the crowned mob.
  • Soloable at same level: The crowned mob can be killed if you are at least at the same level as the creature. It is slightly stronger than regular mobs, but the problem is that it has special skills, unlike most regular mobs. Depending on your archetype, you might find it more difficult or easier to kill a specific crowned mob.
  • Trophy: The drop rate of a trophy depends on two things – (1) You must have an active Anthropologist Crowned Mob quest to be able to pick up a trophy, and (2) Trophy drop rate from a crowned mob is only either 100% or 0%. Yes, some crowned mobs do not have trophies.

Listed below are the maps and the mobs that have crowned creatures, along with their approximate location and a note if said mob has no Trophy:

– Siveria –

Taiga Glen Deer

Taiga Glen  Yak

Northern Riverside Bear – NO TROPHY

Gravestein Owl

Gravestein Mercenary

Gravestein Undead

Bone Valley Beartribe Torchbearer

Bone Valley Bear

Bone Valley Lynx

Bone Valley Yak – NO TROPHY

Sieged Stronghold Undead

Cape of Good Hope Elemental

Cape of Good Hope Undead

Cape of Good Hope Wisp

– Frozen Frontier –

Bold Hill Bear

Bold Hill Yeti

Quiet Harbor Leopard – NO TROPHY

Foothills Harpy

Shaggy Isle Owl

Ugrov Ridge Bear – NO TROPHY

Cold Isle Troll

Cold Isle Elemental

Nordheim Elemental

Nordheim Gargoyle

– Darkwater –

Lupinwood Bat

Lupinwood Boar

Lupinwood Wolf

Lupinwood Raven

Valir Settlement Spider

Valir Settlement Adder

Amalthia Woods Raven

Thousand Wings Aviak :  This seems to spawn in one point only. It appears in the middle of the temple of the winged creatures.

Astral Bay/Raspberry River Sea Crab – Too many spawn points, anywhere that there’s a sea crab.

Kudykin Altar Bat

Werebear Grove Werebear

Fusty Bog Muskir – NO TROPHY

Cursed Thicket Termite – NO TROPHY

Cursed Thicket Centipede – NO TROPHY

Arrowsong Wolf – NO TROPHY

– Tenebra –

Summer Manor Rat

Summer Manor Gargoyle

Eastern Border Demon Scout

Western Border Bat – NO TROPHY

Spider Thicket Spider

Tainted Woods Rat

Tainted Woods Cobra

– Asee-Teph –

Jungle Mine Harpy

Jungle Mine Boar

Overcharged Shore Elemental

Texio Swamp Hydra

Uskul Plant

Miktlan Cyclone Elemental

Miktlan Quartz Elemental

Tekyan Thicket Puma

Tekyan Thicket Tapir

– Eljune –

Maddox Satyr

Takalik Elemental

Merry Forest Scorpion

Eljune Bazaar Mantis

Eljune Bazaar Gar

Icemirror Lake Eagle

Icemirror Lake Lizardman

Icemirror Lake Pike

Itsmal Ruines Wolf

Tipsy Thicket Werewolf

Tipsy Thicket Undead : This seems to spawn in one spot only, which is beside the Mad Necromancer (quest).

– Coba Plateau –

Midnight Shore Spider

Brazen Hill Elemental

Mountain Crag Rhino

Northern Border Tiger

Southern Bank Scorpion

Rusted Wasteland Kobold

Kobold Knoll Kobold

Giant’s Table Vulture

Isles of Weakness Undead

– Coldberg –

Swindlerville Lynx

Broderen Mine Undead

Ruined Shore Troll

Frost Peak Yak

Snowy Wastes Ogre

– Avilon –

Totnum Forest Mantis

Eastern Horn Bat

Lake Pi’Quea Demon

Western Horn Predator

Western Horn Wormface

– Dragon Ring –

Dusky Isle Tapir

Pangol Isle Crocodile

Pangol Isle Demon Mage

Darkscale Isle Hydra

Darkscale Isle/Cursed Lands Draconid

Cursed Lands Muskir

( to be continued )


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