RPG: Metanoia

RPG : Metanoia

Produced by Ambient Media, Thaumatrope Animation and Star Cinema. It is the first full length Philippine animated film presented in 3D, and it is an official entry to the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival. As such, it was shown simultaneously on most cinemas this 25th of December,and I wanted to watch it TODAY after having an annoying Christmas morning. I wanted to watch this movie right from that moment when I saw the trailer on Level Up! Live.

I shall refer to the movie as “RPG”, and I shall describe it with one word: EPIC. Yes, you read that right; this movie is EPIC. It is a breakthrough in the Philippines’ animation industry, and possibly in the directing/scriptwriting departments as well. Scenes flow smoothly, quick-paced but not confusing, discussions are done on the fly (talking while fighting, etc.) – and the fight scenes, oh my. As a gamer, I could relate about the OOHs and OUCHIES of the fights, though the “physics” of the game (Metanoia) that the protagonists were playing did leave me going LOLWUT (e.g. monster died because it fell off a high place?)  BUT IT IS STILL EPIC!

Now the only downside was the voice acting; I did not even recognize Vhong Navarro as Cel, the kids sounded too young and whiny for their age (supposedly they’re around twelve, they sound like six year olds)- but that’s about it, and everything else about the movie makes up for it. If, for a moment you are annoyed at the voice acting, something cool immediately happens and you’ll just drift away back to saying “omg EPIC”. Because of this downside, my favorite character is the one who does not speak xD

This is a must-watch. A MUST-WATCH, I SAY! Support Filipino animators, dammit! So that they’ll stop making horrible, cheap, gfx CRAP and make more RPG-level goodness!

I thank the animators for all the work that they have done, the director for being so awesome (darn, I wish you’d win Best Director, man), the scriptwriters for not being spazzes and most of all, yes most of all, THE PRODUCERS. The reason why so much crap had been done in the past is not just because animators could not do it – we have so many awesome animators! It was because no one would go out on a limb and TRY something new. Well now someone did… and I hope that this begins a new and awesome age in the Philippines’ movie industry.


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  1. zerovoltage
    Dec 25, 2010 @ 21:00:03

    very nice review. i’m sharing this 🙂


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