Floating in the Astral: A Look into Allods Online PH


Edge of Darkwater


On October 11, 2010 , Level Up Games Philippines launched the Closed Beta Test (CBT) of their new game Allods Online.

– Warning: Honest, possibly rude, interpretations and opinion ahead –


The planet Sarnaut floated in a substance called Astral (what we call ‘space’). Due to the stupidity of the June Clan, via some botched spell, the planet imploded and it was scattered into the Astral. With the power of the Great Mages, said pieces became slightly habitable and were then called allods. A Gibberling fisherman discovered a rock of some sort that allowed survival and travel in the Astral and soon there were conquests and wars as if no one learned anything from the stupidity that imploded the planet. Another crazy magical person created a way to trap souls, and one of the Great Mages found a way to use it for the good of the people so that no one would die but instead be taken to Purgatory only for a while. OMFG IMMORTALS. Two stupid factions fight and they bully anyone who would not join them; these are called League and Empire.


The white people called Kanians; the ‘dark-skinned’ people called Xadaganians. There’s the undead called Arisen, the elves called… Elves; orcs are called Orcs (duh) and the mascot of the game, the Gibberlings, that always come in groups of three. I gotta wonder why the white skinned humans were given that air of being ‘protagonists’ but the dark-skinned ones seemed to be the ‘antagonists’… Elves are always beautiful duh, but does the undead have to be so ugly all the time? The Gibberlings look like Ewoks and orcs, well, no brainer there.


Let’s put it this way… my boyfriend, who is also a gamer, gave up on the game because it is ‘too complicated’. I have to agree with him. I was so frustrated with the game on my first run. The controls were crappy because the Mouse Sensitivity is set by default to 1. Some options are hidden, like how to filter the damn chat. The maps are friggin’ huge! It is so frustrating to run from one end to the other, there are a lot of save points but few warp points, even a mount does not run that fast. You can also die by falling off a ship (used to travel between allods)

Why the heck am I still playing?

Because I can xD Also, I love helping other people. Every day I help them with quests and stuff, and there are still other things to figure out. It is quickly becoming boring though since, by the time I got to the fourth zone (Starting Point => Novograd the capital ==> Siveria ==> Frozen Frontier ==> Darkwater ==> Tenebra ==> ?), I realized that the damn quests were the same in every map, ‘cept for the main storyline quests.

Speaking of quests, this is one thing that I like about Allods Online (AO). You level up not only by Experience but by Fatigue as well. Fatigue is accumulated by doing ANYTHING in AO, though there is a limit which is increased by 900 everytime you level up. By doing quests, you accumulate more Exp and Fatigue compared to just grinding (I hate grinding) and you get free items and money too.

Verdict: Allods Online is a very good game but it is NOT for newbies. One should have an innate idea of how MMORPGs work to avoid getting frustrated. But it can be highly enjoyable even if you play alone or if you play with your friends.


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