Farewell, Lolo Apin

My father’s father passed away last night. Around April, Lolo Apin suddenly fell ill and a tumor was found in one of his lungs. No one knows if it is cancerous because it would be pointless to perform more tests anyway; he was too old for surgery or radiation. The most that the people around him could to was to make him as comfortable as possible. Even though he had daily medication, complications arose and eventually, he passed away.

I did not go to Iloilo to visit Lolo Apin when he was in the hospital; I was planning on going there next year. The timing was bad because I already had work, and I could not afford to take a few days off; also, if everyone went there, no one would take care of our pets. My mother’s mother does not care about the house or our pets. I wish I could have seen Lolo before he passed away, but what’s done is done. I just hope I can still meet Lola Pakha (Lolo Apin’s wife) before her time comes. I’m glad that my father, who has been away from his hometown for so long, was able to take a week off from work last June so that he could see his father.


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